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    The company cited a HACCP management system, all aspects of a full hazard analysis, mainly from biological hazards, physical hazards, chemical hazards, allergens and other areas:
    I produced peanuts, dried fruit, nuts, processed food products category is deep, it is different from the frozen, fresh fruits and other simple processed. Through high-temperature frying process, biohazard materials can be carried in the killing, and because peanuts, dried fruit, nut products belong to the lower class water activity food, there will be no disease-causing microbes, parasites and other biological products hazards.
     physical hazards:
    The company developed and strictly enforce good manufacturing practices and sanitation standard operating procedures, can put an end to the production process environment, equipment and facilities, foreign body contamination of industrial equipment and operating personnel.
    A, metal control:
    To control the production of metals as a critical control point (CCP), the raw material to be dispensed through a metal detector before, so you can put an end to the presence of metallic foreign bodies.
    B, glass, plastic control:
    Developed a strict inspection system on the production and storage sites of windows and doors, fire doors glass, mirrors all of film, lighting devices have proof of all the glass production sites set up specifically to check records, if found damaged glass is processed in a timely manner . Plastic products, check daily.
    C, the doping in the feed stones and other impurities, in the production process of picking step can be removed.
     chemical hazards:
    Chemical hazards are most concerned about the current international issues, the source of raw chemical hazards have carried aflatoxins, heavy metals and pesticide residues, materials used in the production process, additives, packaging materials. Production, storage, chemical contamination during transport accidental.
    A, raw material procurement:
    All procurement of raw materials companies are using CIQ qualified census areas or record production bases or manufacturer. The supplier to assess annually. The authenticity of the source of raw materials for detailed verification, inspection records do.
    B, heavy metals in food:
    Heavy metals in food are mainly tin, lead, arsenic, mercury. In addition to raw material sources of pollution in industrial plantations suffered contamination or individual cases of abuse of chemical fertilizers, the main source for metal cans welded vessel wall material and contaminated materials. Currently cans, cover manufacturers have complete control, foreign customers because of heavy metals has never challenged.
    C, Food additives:
    At present, our products do not use any food additive, if you do use a new product, the company will provide CIQ record and report compliance certification, in strict accordance with GB2760 "food additives health standards" and the limited use of the importing country.
    D, chemicals management:
    The company developed a "toxic and hazardous materials regulations" with toxic and hazardous materials dedicated cabinet. Toxic and hazardous materials procurement, storage, use strict control, personnel management, toxic and hazardous materials are not doped into the product.
    E, for the production of each species have developed a detailed HACCP plan, conduct a comprehensive analysis of all possible hazards of each process on the possible establishment of a significant hazard for each critical control point, and the operation to determine the critical limits limit by the person and the implementation of video surveillance, which put an end to the existence of food hazards from the machining process.
    F, transgenic:
    The company shall specify the procurement and use of genetically modified raw materials, from QC inspection checks. All of the raw materials used by the company requiring manufacturers to issue a certificate of non-genetically modified, so as to prevent the product may contain genetically modified.
    The company in the production of allergen and non-allergen products, industrial equipment alone, to conduct a thorough clean-up after the end of the use of health and check verification, to avoid cross-contamination.
    Quality control measures of the health of our company can fully guarantee the products are health and safety, and will not have any health and safety issues.


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